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Bowling Ball Garden Spheres by Sharon Thorne

Posted by deb clarke on August 19, 2011 at 12:05 AM

You will need decorations from anywhere: any type of coins or tokens, glass aquarium beads, broken ceramic dishware or colored glass, old sewing box buttons, tile pieces, etc. Previously used materials or remnants are even better but you can get bags of trinkets at the dollar store or gardening supply shops like Lake Builder Supply or Mendo Mill for some extra bling. Try to shop local to reduce the carbon footprint. Recycle yards, thrift shops, estate or garage sales and vintage stores across the country are great places to find all of the above to make your piece. We would like to see you go green. If you want a certain color, go ahead and buy something new but focus most of the project on used materials. Keep the stuff in containers, for art projects, garden stepping stones or other things that need decoration. This is a great classroom project for a school garden, too.
Here are four different designs:


Broken Glass

Glass Aquarium Beads

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